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Out of the dozens of rug cleaning companies in Westchester, one manages to get over 50% of all orders. This happens month after month and it's driving other companies insane. Of course, we are talking about Area Rug Cleaning Westchester. We managed to be at the top of peoples' preferences when it comes to area rug cleaning, commercial rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and Oriental rug cleaning services. Our quality control processes and our skilled professionals make us different. We are more interested in our clients getting the best possible rug cleaning services than we are interested in our bottom line. Call us today at 914-888-1301 for more information!

Rug Cleaning Services That Exceed Your Expectations

Do you need a rug cleaning service you can trust? Do you want a company that can meet your every expectation? If so, you definitely need to get in touch with us. Call us and talk with one of our rug cleaning experts. He will happily address all your questions and concerns. Off course, you will also get a quote from us for free. Our specialists are the best at what they do: cleaning any type of rug the right way. We also offer much more value:

Competitive prices for ALL services

You can make a weekend appointment

We are locally owned and operated

You can make a holiday appointment

Unique 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Get a FREE estimate right away

All experts are bonded, insured and certified

Quick and easy booking process


Get FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Did you know that Area Rug Cleaning Westchester offers a pickup and delivery service in Westchester? Many other companies do, we know. However, did you know our pickup and delivery service is 100% FREE? You didn't expect this, did you? You can now order our rug cleaning services, sit back and relax. You don't even have to lift a finger. Our seasoned professionals will handle everything from A to Z.

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Any Rug, Any Size, Any Shape

We have the experts for every job. Our experience and expertise enables us to perfectly clean any type of rug you can imagine. Here are a few examples of rugs we clean daily in Westchester:

Indian rugs

Area rugs

Silk rugs

Persian rugs

Wool rugs

Handmade rugs

Oriental rugs

Moroccan rugs

And many more


Rugs and Carpets Are Washed Manually

We never take any chances with our clients' rugs and carpets. We know how much you care about your floor covers. And let's not forget that some rugs can be incredibly valuable. But even these rugs need to be cleaned from time to time. We want to assure you that no harm will come to your rugs while they are under our care. Our experts wash every rug manually using techniques specific to each type of rug. Our cleaning products are safe and we never use any harsh chemicals. Area Rug Cleaning Westchester cares about your rugs.

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Area Rug Cleaning Westchester experts are ready to come to you to pick up the rugs and carpets. If you're in Westchester, give us a quick call and ask for your free quote: 914-888-1301.