The Best Rug Repair and Restoration in Westchester

It can be pretty difficult to get decent rug repair and rug restoration services in Westchester. We know. This is why we have made it our mission to change this. Why pay a lot of money for mediocre services when you can pay less for top quality repair and restoration services? Area Rug Cleaning Westchester is here to help you right now 914-888-1301 !

Excellent Rug Restoration and Repair in Westchester

Most other companies in Westchester are unable to provide quality rug repair and restoration services to their clients because they don't have the experts that we have. Here at Area Rug Cleaning Westchester, every repair and restoration specialist is a highly trained expert. Our technology and our expertise enable us to do top quality work for affordable prices. And remember, we are a local company that cares about the good people of Westchester.

Awesome Rug Repair and Restoration Services

Yes, our rug repair and rug restoration services are awesome. They are also very effective and the results are breathtaking. Our skilled specialists can breathe new life into your valuable rug in no time, using state of the art equipment. We know what we are doing and we have a long track record of successful restoration projects. You can rely on us and trust us with your precious rugs and carpets. They will be carefully repaired and restored by seasoned professionals.

Pick any of our rug repair services and get free pickup and delivery in Westchester:


Fringe attachment

Fuzzing and shredding


Adding loops

Edge fraying


Rippling and buckling

Patching tears, small holes and rips

And many more

Ask us about any of our rug restoration services:

Coloring services

Fade correction

Hem stitching

Fringe detailing

Large holes and tears

Fringe replacement

Water or fire damage


Moth damage

And many more


We Offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's not something you see every day. A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee indicates that the company is one hundred percent certain that it will meet or exceed your expectations. Area Rug Cleaning Westchester is one of the few companies that have this level of confidence. We know that our seasoned professionals will restore or repair your rug perfectly. And the best part is that all our rug repair and rug restoration services are affordable. We have no equal in Westchester!

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