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Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Westchester? You've arrived at the right place. Area Rug Cleaning Westchester is the best rug cleaning service in the area. Our rug cleaning services are unparalleled and all your gorgeous rugs and carpets are carefully washed by hand by our seasoned professionals. We don't make mistakes. We don't put your rug at risk. Area Rug Cleaning Westchester has been gaining stellar reviews for years, so all you have to do is read some of the things other people have to say about us. After you convince yourself that our services really are as reliable as we tell you they are, give us a call at 914-888-1301 !

All Rugs Washed Manually

Cleaning rugs is what we do. It's what we have been doing for a decade here in Westchester. During this time, we've provided our exceptional rug cleaning service to thousands of people. We have cleaned tens of thousands of rugs. And you know what? We are proud to say that each one of them has been hand-washed. We would never risk damaging your precious carpets and rugs by throwing them into a washing machine. Moreover, every single one of our cleaning products is tried and tested. We use only the safest solutions.

Our Skilled Rug Cleaning Professionals

Our expert rug cleaners are the people who manually clean each and every rug we receive. They are responsible for every spotless rug we deliver to our clients. We thank them for their attention to detail and for their hard work. All our bonded, licensed and insured specialists work as a team to get the job done right – every single time.


The Benefits of Choosing Us

What makes us special? How has Area Rug Cleaning Westchester managed to gather so many impressive reviews from its customers in Westchester? The simple truth is that we care and that our cleaners put heart into their work. Here are some of the other things that make people love us:

Get rid of harmful allergens and bacteria

We can clean any rug of any size or shape

Your rugs will never be damaged

Every stain is removed

We extend your rug's life

Only experienced specialists work here

Two inspections and tight quality assurance

Cheap rug cleaning services in Westchester

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You Can Trust Us With Your Rugs

You may have heard stories about ruined rugs. You may have seen complaints on other companies' websites. This is why we want to put your mind at ease. Our rug cleaning services are 100% safe. Your rugs and carpets will not be harmed in any way. We hand-wash each item carefully and gently, making sure that we remove all the dirt, stains, bacteria and allergens.

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We are here to take your order in Westchester. Give Area Rug Cleaning Westchester a quick phone call and request our free pickup service: 914-888-1301.